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Our Vision

M is dedicated to the organization and development of all aspects of junior tennis in America—tournaments, player development and funding to name a few. Louise Fahys, mother to three junior players, saw the need for a one-stop resource that had reliable information and advice that would help families navigate the junior tennis world. She and business partners, Valerie Pedreno and Jonathan Fralick, founded MyTennisNetwork to bring all members of the community together, from players and their families, coaches, tennis centers and sponsors. This website simplifies the organizational side of the game by offering members access to:
  • Email reminders about tournament sign-up closings
  • Up to date consolidated ranking lists
  • Advanced searches of tournaments
  • Personal tournament calendar
  • Tournament details (map, location, directions, hotels, shopping, restaurants and special travel deals);
  • Player Profiles;
  • Links to any photos or videos that have been taken of your child;
  • Articles for both parents and players. was recently launched for the entire Southern, New England & Midwest sections, including Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut , Eastern Mass, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Western Mass and Wisconsin. By the end of the year, the company hopes to have the website launched nationally so that every junior tennis player may have the opportunity to use and benefit from the site.

Additionally, has developed sponsorship relationships with USTA Southern, Marriott Hotels and Wilson Sporting Goods. These relationships provide specific benefits to members. is committed to providing the highest quality service, innovative and client-specific solutions, excellent value and customer satisfaction that is second to none.

Who We Are

Louise Fahys - Executive Director

As a mother of three junior tennis players, Louise Fahys realized that just organizing her children's tournament activities could be a full-time job. Knowing that there had to be a way to streamline and simplify the process for not just her, but for other tennis parents, Louise created, an online resource for tennis players and their families.

Determining how to put the website together was right up Louise's alley. My passion is to take ideas and build them into a business that helps peopleWith nearly 20 years of business and technical experience including project management, website design, architecture and implementation, her vision was to develop a website that was user friendly, timely, informative and engaging to both young tennis players and their parents.

Before forming in 2009, Louise created and managed all aspects of numerous easy to use, interactive sites for sports organizations and businesses. Through her company, Code-A-Site, Louise routinely diagnoses clients' business needs and creates custom web solutions. Even before forming in 2009, she conceptualized and developed another site,, which streamlines the process of scheduling league and recreational matches. By creating a site that was organized and easy to navigate, Louise eliminated time, hassle and confusion that team captains faced with their weekly match scheduling.

"My passion is to take ideas and build them into a business that helps people," Louise says.

As an expert problem solver, Louise calls on her years of consulting experience to work with everyone involved in the junior tennis world--coaches, tennis centers, local and national tennis organizations and, of course, the players and their families. With noted tennis pro, Jonathan Fralick providing sales, marketing and technical coaching expertise, along with Code-A-Site partner Valerie Pedreno providing technical site solutions, Louise has realized her vision to make a site that informs, supports and helps advance the world of junior tennis.

Jonathan Fralick - Director of Marketing and Sales

From the time he was 10-years-old, Jonathan Fralick has loved tennis. As a nationally ranked junior, and later as a college scholarship player, he was fascinated with the game—the challenge of working hard and the reward of seeing the results of his work.

As an adult, Jonathan knew he wanted to pass that passion on to other kids, "I enjoy shaping kids," he says. "I enjoy teaching responsibility and problem solving." helping to influence them positively. After graduating form Valdosta State University, he combined his previous knowledge with the elements of his speech communication degree and marketing concentration to kick off a career as a professional tennis coach.

With first hand experience as a tennis player, a true understanding of the business of tennis and an affinity for working with young people, Jonathan has spent over 20 years developing, coaching and guiding juniors in developing the skills and strategies they need to reach their maximum potential.

He has coached numerous students who have won state, sectional and national events, and who have gone on to earn tennis scholarships at Division I and II schools. In addition, he has coached the North Carolina Davis Cup team and served as the Area Training Center Coach.

After directing tennis at facilities in Illinois, California and North Carolina, Jonathan is currently in his fifth year at Cary Tennis Park, one of the largest tennis facilities in the Southeast. As the Head Tennis Professional, Jonathan develops and maintains all programming for the facility, which includes directing staff and budgetary responsibility. Recognized for both his technical knowledge and coaching ability, Jonathan was selected by the USTA to be a USTA High Performance Coach. He was also named the K-Swiss 2000 Pro of the Year and 2009 North Carolina Tournament Director of the Year.

But even now, one of his greatest joys comes from coaching the Cary Junior Tennis Academy's 180 juniors.

"I enjoy shaping kids," he says. "I enjoy teaching responsibility and problem solving."

Indeed, whether it is working with groups or individuals, Jonathan challenges young players, yet excites them in a way that helps junior players find and ignite their own passion for tennis.

Valerie Pedreno - Managing Director

For Valerie Pedreno, creating the ultimate website for junior tennis was an exercise in problem solving and efficiency. As an experienced software engineer, her goal was to make crisp, clear and easy to navigate.

It all started when Valerie's business partner, Louise Fahys, came to her with an idea. "When they get to the home page, everything is just a click or two away," Valerie says. Frustrated by trying to navigate some of the online websites for junior tennis, Louise proposed starting a new site that would be extremely user friendly and informative. would bring all members of the tennis community together: players, their families, coaches, tennis centers and sponsors.

With over 20 years as a software engineer fluent in all aspects of software development and co-owner of custom website development company, Code A Site, Valerie had the background and keen understanding of how to make a website that would work and work well. It also helped that Valerie and her husband are avid tennis players. And, with two young sons who play Junior Team Tennis and will soon be playing tournaments, Valerie is no stranger to the world of tennis.

Because websites can be overwhelming, and Valerie's goal was to keep it simple for the users, therefore design and layout were essential. In her many years as a software developer and as a director of new development, she had concentrated on user interface, so she had a good idea of what was needed. Users want to find answers to their questions quickly, so was designed to do that.

"When they get to the home page, everything is just a click or two away," Valerie says

Knowing that a site was only useful if it could actually be used, she made it her mission to make the idea of an ultimate junior tennis website become a reality.

"I think it's a really good way to promote junior tennis, to help people solve a problem and offer people something that is really cool," she explains.

In fact, the way that Valerie sees it, building tools that solve problems by eliminating time, money or frustration—that's an ace.

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