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Juniors receive ranking points based on a Points Per Round ranking system that awards ranking points based on the round a player reaches in a tournament. Ranking points are also awarded for wins over top players. Each player’s standings and year-end annual ranking will be based on his/her best six (6) singles tournament results in singles and top 6 doubles results during the computation period. A player may appear on up to three of the following ranking lists.

  • State (i.e. North Carolina or Chicago)
  • Sectional (i.e. Southern or Midwest)
  • National

Depending on the tournament level, a player can receive points towards their state, sectional, or national ranking. Ranking lists are used when a tournament committee seeds a tournament. The tournament applicants with the highest rankings will be seeded in their age bracket. This helps ensure that the strongest players do not compete against each other in the early rounds. Each ranking list is published on it's own schedule. Click here to use the utility on this website to review all the players rankings in one place. A player may also access his/her player records on the USTA website.


The new ranking system will include results from singles matches and doubles matches in all tournaments that are now included in the calculation for the USTA Standings lists. The points earned in singles competition will be combined with the points earned in doubles competition to form one final point total that will be used for the USTA Standings lists and the USTA  year-end ranking lists.

Players will receive credit for 100% of their singles points from their best six (6) singles events along with 15% of their doubles points from their best six(6) doubles events. See the chart below:

Best 6 singles tournaments=1500 points

Best 6 doubles tournaments=1200 points

15% of 1200=180 points 1500+180=1680

Bonus Points

A player may be awarded additional bonus points when they have a significant win over a top player whose previous month standing is above theirs and falls into the categories listed in the table below. Bonus points are only attached to the singles event in which they are earned. If an event total (including both round points and bonus points) is not among a players best six events, neither the event points nor the bonus points will count toward the player’s standing or ranking point total. No bonus points are awarded for doubles.


Standing of Player IN PREVIOUS MONTH Bonus Points
1-10 75
11-20 50
21-50 25
51-75 10
76-100 5


Byes do not qualify as wins.

Withdrawals & Defaults

Withdrawals, defaults, and walkovers qualify as wins for the advancing player and earn round points, but do not earn bonus points.

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