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Following His Own Path

After years of watching his older sister, Loren, practice tennis and play in tournaments, Alex Kim decided he wanted to get in on the action too.  Now, the 11-year-old from Cary, NC has developed a passion for the game himself.

"I see tennis not just as a sport, but as a good way to spend time with my family," Alex says.

With a goal of playing college tennis for a Division 1 school, Alex understands that he needs to be dedicated to improving his game.


"I practice as much as I can," he says, which includes hitting the court every day for two hours and working with his dad and sister on weekends.

State : NC
Dist. Rank : 46
Sectl Rank : 297

He also knows that continuing to develop his game, with the help of his coach, Reid Kinlaw, will help him grow in his sport.  Recently, Alex changed his forehand to help him stay more balanced throughout the swing, and with current ranking of 46 in the Boys 12 Southern Division, Alex's practice and strategies are working out.

Although Alex first played soccer, and still enjoys it, he has decided to concentrate on tennis. For one thing, he says, he enjoys competing and the thrill of winning.  For another, with his sister playing as well, he and his family have an activity they can all enjoy.

"I really enjoy the times when we travel together to hotels, restaurants and different cities," he says.

""I practice as much as I can"

Then, he lets on a little secret.  "Some of the best times for me," Alex confesses, "are when my dad and I play against my mom and my sister.  My dad and I sometimes let my sister and mom win on purpose."

"Just kidding!"  Alex adds.  Hmmm.

Kim's FavoritesFavorite tennis player: Rafael Nadal
Favorite Singer:
Favorite Actor:
Megan Fox
Favorite Movie: X-Men
Favorite Food:
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